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What's your real name?: Nikki

Age?:  29 on July 14th

Where do you live?: About 80ish miles from DC, in a small town in horse country

Do you have a job?: No :(

How much RP experience do you have?:  12ish years

What are your feelings about shipping?: I'm indifferent.

What are your feelings about smut?: I'm not really comfortable writing it.

Are there things you won't RP?:  I won't play out killing my characters.  I love them too much! 

What are your favorite things to RP?: Drama, action, relationships

What's something you wished would get RPed more?:  I'm a sucker for dark and depressing storylines.

Are you plot driven?: Yes, I am.

Slow or fast tagger:  That depends on if I'm awake and at the computer.  If I am, I'm really fast.  Otherwise, RL slows my tags down.

Who are your active muses?: [ profile] a_time_slip  , [ profile] time_for_lynn  , [ profile] franklinpotts  , [ profile] entitled_bitch  , [ profile] graftedscion 

Your favorite muses to write?: all of them
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You Are Like a Virgin

You have a wide-eyed optimism that most people envy and admire.

No matter what happens in life, it's hard for you to lose your innocence.

You love like it's the first time, even if you've been hurt many times before.

You believe that everyone deserves a fresh start, including you!

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Movie night  - With Vito
The Hangover
  - With Norrin
Read more... ) - With VIto
Business Date - With Vito


Oct. 18th, 2009 02:56 pm
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I love the basket of flowers, thank you [personal profile] star_core !
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Was that what everyone called her behavior?

Most recently, she slept in the comforting branches of her tree, listening to the apples and the leaves whisper long forgotten lullabies. Plants don't talk, someone once said to her.

But they did. They did not talk words- so many of the things in the world did not speak words. The plants spoke in whispers and emotions, they spoke with the wind, and with smell. All of them talked so loudly, even the most self absorbed person would hear them at times.

It wasn't madness.

Was it mad that she was here at all? That she separated herself so far from who she truly was, that some almost believed her to be the wife of a cop, the mother of three? It was only as mad as the other things about her, so small and numerous that counting them would be an impossible task.

She didn't care. This was who she would always be.

Muse: Aolmunder Krullerdottir
Word Count: 163
Fandom: Mythology
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On August 12, 2008, I made this entry. It took a few more days before I really jumped in, but this has been a blast. I went from feeling like I wanted to give up gaming to making new friends and discovering a new part of the RP spectrum. During this process, I've crossed paths with old friends and am overjoyed at playing with them again.

I started off playing a character from a short lived game who has grown so much in this year.  Thank you RP partners and friends, and I look forward to much more playing and plotting.

Addie hasn't been around as much recently.  She should be around more soon, but feel free to play with any of my other characters.  You all should know who they are :)

(three are: [ profile] beckybrowning , [profile] a_mind_flip ,[profile] iris_albicans )

Thank you all so much.  This has been a great experience and I'd give you all cookies if I could right now!

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Iris Angelina Hoffman, Born 4:38 a.m.  August 12, 2009.  20 inches, six pounds and four ounces.  I am tired, and will announce this after some rest, or Doug will announce it.

She is healthy.
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(This is written from the POV of [profile] iris_albicans  .  This prompt is RP based)

My Mommy is a pretty lady. She has hair like mine. She likes to sit under the apple tree and read stories to me. Mommy likes to play and give us ice cream. One time we got to eat it before dinner when Daddy worked late. Sometimes she gives flowers to people. She has a big garden and a little garden. At the big garden she gives people all of the vegetables. I don't like the vegetables. Sometimes people come over real sad and Mommy fixes them so they're happy. She likes making people happy. One time I fell and she made me stop crying. Sometimes she cries when I'm not supposed to see her. One time I tried to make her happy and she smiled. The garden makes mommy happy. For Mother's day I drew a big picture of a garden for her. The garden has apples in it and a big tree just like in her story. I love my mommy a lot.

Muse:  Addie Krause (Idunn)
Fandom: Mythology
Word Count: 182

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Why would it not be possible? Every one of us deserves redemption. None of this is permanent, none is worth treating that some slight is worth an eternity of disownment.

I suppose it would not be possible if you did not truly want it, or you did not believe it was possible. In that situation, redemption falls squarely on your shoulders.

If you compare it to redeeming a voucher, then what I say may make more sense. You have this slip, and to collect what you want, you must turn it in. You must 'redeem' it, but the power to do it is in your hands. If you lose it then you must find a way to replace it. If your chance is missed, then you must find another.

Concluding, I will say again that redemption is possible, but only if you want it. It will not walk to your door and say 'you have your redemption'.

Muse:Addie (Idunn)
Fandom: Mythology
Wordcount: 162
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Ten secret messages to people you know.

1.  I have learned a lot from you.  I both dislike and like you for it.

2.  You were the first thing I did right when I arrived here.

3.  You were the second.

4. I loved you from the moment I met you.

5.  Thank you, for stepping in and filling that void.

6. I apologize for the way I left you.  We will always be bound.

7. You have much potential.  Do not waste it, please.

8. Applesauce is owed to you, as well as fun and games.

9. I know that mistakes will be made.  Please forgive me.

10.  I wish that I could be more honest with you.
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I am now Mrs. Douglas Hoffman.

We are going to Hawaii, but will return soon.


Jun. 10th, 2009 06:28 pm
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I am open to constructive criticism. If there is a problem with something a character is doing, please, bring it to my attention. I can and will change things if they won't work.

If I am rude and offensive, please tell me what I did. People never learn if you don't tell them.

That said, this is an apology to anyone I have been rude with, or mean to. I'll screen comments, but please, I'd like to keep communication open.

Thank you, to all of the people that are so nice to me. The GRPR mentions really lifted my spirits. I enjoy RPing with all of you, even if we don't always get to scene together.

(xposted to a_mind_flip, my other main character journal)
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“If you just set people in motion they'll heal themselves.” - Gabrielle Roth

No Instant Gratification )
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Everything will be fine.
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This is the dress I picked, and this for the bridesmaid's dresses.  I have put in an order for them at the shop, you only need to go in for fittings. 

The day is coming closer, which means the baby will be here soon too.  The scan confirmed my suspicions, that she is a girl.

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