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(This is written from the POV of [profile] iris_albicans  .  This prompt is RP based)

My Mommy is a pretty lady. She has hair like mine. She likes to sit under the apple tree and read stories to me. Mommy likes to play and give us ice cream. One time we got to eat it before dinner when Daddy worked late. Sometimes she gives flowers to people. She has a big garden and a little garden. At the big garden she gives people all of the vegetables. I don't like the vegetables. Sometimes people come over real sad and Mommy fixes them so they're happy. She likes making people happy. One time I fell and she made me stop crying. Sometimes she cries when I'm not supposed to see her. One time I tried to make her happy and she smiled. The garden makes mommy happy. For Mother's day I drew a big picture of a garden for her. The garden has apples in it and a big tree just like in her story. I love my mommy a lot.

Muse:  Addie Krause (Idunn)
Fandom: Mythology
Word Count: 182

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When I went to the orchard this morning, the leaves of the apple blossoms were in the process of falling from the trees; slowly floating down and covering the ground in a carpet of pink and white petals. I felt almost peaceful in the silence.Read more... )

I can't just say 'Mommy I need you' and expect her to come back.


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