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May. 7th, 2009 01:32 pm
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She's never been sure how to answer that. When that question is asked, someone is looking for an opinion, and saying the wrong thing will lead to unhappiness or frustration. It's only four words, but those words can mean so much or so little.

“What do you think?” The question was repeated. Someone, a friend, held up a sample of cloth to her. It was gauzy, ivory, not practical in the least. Was she supposed to say that? It was easier when they told her what to say.

“It is nice.” She replied, not answering the question honestly. The honest answer would have resulted in a sigh, a roll of the eyes, and she did not want to deal with that right now. Telling the woman holding the cloth in front of her that the fabric could not hold the weight of a single apple would be almost insulting to her.

After answering that, and ignoring whatever else it was that the woman said to her, she realized that she wanted to speak up, and tell her just what she thought. She wanted to tell everyone what she thought, from this idiot woman with penciled-in eyebrows, to the other gods, and to everyone else in her life thus far.

“The fabric is too weak and I do not like the color.” she said. Now, to tell everyone else what she thought- but first she had to sift through what was in her head. There were so many thoughts and none made sense right away. “The fabric is too weak.” she repeated, not realizing that she just said it.

The other woman look confused for a moment, then held out another sample to her.

“What do you think?”

This time, the answer was honest, and much quicker. “It is better.”

Muse: Addie Krause(Idunn)
Fandom: Mythology
Word Count: 305


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