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May. 17th, 2009 03:00 pm
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“If you just set people in motion they'll heal themselves.” - Gabrielle Roth

I am always and I am never certain what to do for people in need. I know the immediate solution is to give them what they seek. Instant gratification, it is called. At the moment it is needed, that is the right solution.

When a woman is crying because she has no food for her children, it is simple to give her money or a donation. What will come after that? When the finite resources run out, she is where she started.

I like to help. I like to heal. Those are both good things that people will need every day. I want everyone to be happy and healthy but that would be impossible. Instead, I like to show people how to get what they need. That is part of the reason for the community garden.

If the woman has time I can show her how to garden and grow some of her own food. I can teach her cheaper ways to feed her family. If she does not, I will try to find other ways to get her help. The instant gratification is nice, but is not as good as showing someone how to be independent.

Humans are not very perceptive of each others needs. Over this past year that is something that was easy to notice. They also do not always like getting what they want when they want it. Showing someone how to get what they need encourages ambition and pride. When the example women goes to her garden and realizes that she won't have to ask for food and money from a government or strangers, she may decide she can do other things on her own. Perhaps she will find more ways to make and save money?

She may just keep the garden, and save what money that she can. Either way the woman has been shown how to do something to help with her problem.

That is what I will try to do, point people in the right direction. In the end, your fate is your own.

Muse: Addie Krause (Idunn)
Fandom: Norse Mythology
Word Count: 342
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