Feb. 2nd, 2009

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Libra City

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Libra City, population nine million and change.

Occupying geography similar to that of New York City in Earth Prime and its closer variants, Libra City straddles island and mainland along the northeastern seaboard of the North American Republic.

It also straddles the Rift between the world of Man and the world of Fae, a connection which has remained the secret of children who dismissed such things as fairy tale and make believe as they grew up and out of it. Redcaps, trolls, ogres, elves and sidhe ... many of the creatures of Old World myth and legend live beyond the Rift itself. When they cross the Rift, they move invisibly among the denizens of Libra City. Only a few know them for who and what they are.

A small number of adults retain their ability to perceive the Fae into their teen years and beyond. The percentage is miniscule, but in a city of nine million souls, it still adds up.

Within the past year, those able to sense the Fae have noted two things:

There are many more of them in the city than ever before.

They are in foul moods.

To the mundane, crime levels in the city are rising. There are more shootings, more gangs, more homeless on the streets.

To those in the know, something big is gearing up to happen, and nobody knows if it will be a turn for the better or the worst.

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